One-Stop Solution for Game Development

Total Quality Solutions for the Game Industry

Digital Hearts Group is ready
to help optimize the quality of your product
in every step of the game development process.

3D Production

From modeling and animation to effects and more, we've helped bring dozens of AAA games to life.

With a wealth of experience cultivated handling low-poly and high-end 3D modeling, animation, effects, and everything in between, we're prepared to make products which suit a multitude of genres and tastes.

2D Art

Character design, enemies, backgrounds, items, UI—we've done it all.

Call on us for everything from character, clothing, and monster designs to background images and concept art. We especially pride ourselves on IP illustrations, where the ability to adopt or mimic established art styles is key.


Game developers will take charge of the direction, ensuring your game's worldview is expressed faithfully.

Not only do we offer voice recording and sound production for Japanese and international content, we also provide speedy, high-quality text and dialogue rewriting for international content being distributed in Japan.


We're prepared to match the perfect personnel from our pool of over 10,000 registered freelancers to your project.

If your development team is short on hands, we're ready to offer the most suitable candidates for the job.

User Reviews

Is your game ready to captivate audiences? Test-play it before release with a target player base of your choosing.


We're unmatched in test orders received from Japanese gaming businesses. Leave the testing of your console, smartphone, PC, or VR game to us, and rest assured it will get the care and precision it deserves.


Our talented team of roughly 300 Japan-based native speakers, together with our overseas group companies, is excited to make your dream of low-cost, high-quality localization a reality.

Customer Support

We offer high-quality consolidated multilingual customer support based in Japan, including for a number of Top 10 titles!


Digital Hearts manages Japan's largest game information website,

Marketing in Japan

Our teams develop comprehensive marketing strategies for use during planning, development, and beyond.

Marketing in Asia

We support the introduction of apps to Asian markets with precise, effective marketing.

With offices in Shanghai, Tokyo, and Taipei, our professional, multinational teams will plan the optimal marketing strategy for the market you seek to penetrate. Whatever your needs, Digital Hearts is your one-stop solution for marketing in Asia.