Scroll Colortoon Scroll Colortoon

From localization to typesetting, we deliver a quality product ready for immediate publication.

Thoroughly checked and revised every step of the way.

Our corporate culture is one that attracts entertainment and game enthusiasts, so we have a large team of highly skilled translators.
Our work is carefully rewritten, reviewed, and checked by native speakers multiple times throughout the process, allowing us to quickly deliver a high-quality localized product that is ready for immediate publication.

Building upon our vast experience in game translation, we have expanded into Scroll Colortoon translation.

We take into careful consideration the story and atmosphere of the original work, including each character’s individual personalities, speech patterns, and more. Per the client’s request, we can also provide culturalization.

All genres are welcome!

Shonen manga (comics for young boys), Shojo manga (comics for young girls), manga for youth, manga for women, Drama, Sci-Fi, Sports, Food or Cooking, Comedy, Suspense, Mystery, Gangster, Mafia, History, Fighting, Action, and others

Professional, High-quality Typesetting

Our Scroll Colortoon designers use 2 types of software, Clip Studio Paint and Adobe Photoshop.
Following the conventions of the target country, our designers set and edit text and dialogue, arrange panels, and use a variety of fonts to create dynamic sound effects, all in keeping with the design of the original work.
In addition, we have more than 2 native speakers of both the target and original language participate in the localization process to ensure that design details are geared toward the target culture and that there are no strange cultural inconsistencies.

Get a free trial translation!

Digital Hearts is offering a free one-chapter trial to demonstrate our quality, limited to the first consultation only.Please feel free to contact us anytime.