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DIGITAL HEARTS established “DH Executive Fellow System”. – Toshiyuki KAWAGUCHI, who has over 20 years experience of game debugging service,was appointed as the first Executive Fellow for the company.

 DIGITAL HEARTS Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "DIGITAL HEARTS") announced today that “DH Executive Fellow System” was established on April 1, 2024. The new system is designed to make use of the highly specialized knowledge of employees in the corporate management to further enhance corporate value. The new system is to appoint its employee with advanced technical capabilities and expertise as "Executive Fellow" which is the highest position for professional specialists and is treated equally with Executive Officers.

 Under “DH Executive Fellow System”, the employees as “Executive Officer and Executive Fellow” are responsible for promoting the improvement of technological standards on a company-wide basis by making use of their specialized knowledge, as well as providing guidance and training for later advancement. They are also responsible for realizing the enhancement of corporate value through proposals to management. Through the introduction of this system, we aim to enhance the motivation of highly specialized employees by presenting the path to fellows as one option for the career advancement of game testers that sustain DIGITAL HEARTS's businesses, and at the same time promote the building of a foundation for the subsequent development of highly specialized human resources and the strengthening of specialized capabilities.

 Toshiyuki Kawaguchi, General Manager of QA Businesses Division and Manager of Kumamoto Lab., is appointed as DIGITAL HEARTS's first “Executive Officer and Executive Fellow” in recognition of the company's advanced technical capabilities and outstanding knowledge in the "game debugging" service of detecting bug or defect of game software.

 The first Executive Fellow, Kawaguchi, considered to turn his favorit of gaming in to a job and joined DIGITAL HEARTS in 2001 as a part-time worker. After becoming a regular employee of game debugging department of the company, where he can be involved in pre-launch games, he made numerous achievements in debugging business. He also worked on the launch of large-scale testing centers for DIGITAL HEARTS such as Osaka Lab. and Fukuoka Lab., and worked as the general manager of the Quality Control Department to strengthen and streamline the quality standards of the entire debugging businesses.

 Since 2023, as the manager of the Kumamoto Lab., he has been responsible for the start-up, recruitment, and operation of Lab., and even after becoming a manager, he has been working on the front line as a game tester as well. He has been in charge of a wide range of on-site operations, from debugging operations to planning and proposals, so that end-users can enjoy more of the numerous projects in which he is involved.

 In addition to its outstanding debugging skills as a craft and its planning and proposal capabilities from the deep love of gaming and experiences, which are highly regarded by customer's game productions, he was also highly evaluated for contributing to the development of junior testers.

■Executive Officer and Executive Fellow
 Toshiyuki KAWAGUCHI,
General Manager of QA Businesses Division and Manager of Kumamoto Lab.

Message from Toshiyuki Kawaguchi

"Since its foundation, DIGITAL HEARTS has produced highly skilled personnel, as a group of debugging specialists who detect and report software defects, mainly in the entertainment industry. I have accumulated experience with these colleagues, and have grown through friendly competition with each other, and I am very honored to be appointed as the first of DH Executive Fellow System.

Going forward, I will continue to work to raise the level of our technological capabilities on a company-wide basis and to develop personnel having both highly productive and of high quality skills in order to provide high-value-added services that will make the software more attractive to our clients and to individual users of each game title.  I would like to ask for your continued warm support.”

 Based on its corporate mission of "SAVE the DIGITAL WORLD," DIGITAL HEARTS will put into practice the creation of an organization in which diverse human resources can play an active role, where individual positive points can be utilized. At the same time, by further improving the quality of the services we provide, we will contribute to the further development of the game and entertainment industry. We will pursue the realization of a safe and secure digital society in which people around the world can live with smiling faces.

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Based on its corporate mission of "SAVE the DIGITAL WORLD," the DIGITAL HEARTS is a Global Quality Partner that strives to provide guaranteed quality by supporting the development of the game and entertainment industry by offering a wide range of services, including game debugging, localization, and marketing support.