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DIGITAL HEARTS Entered into a strategic business alliance with Spanish game localization company Localsoft, S.L. to Strengthen wide-range businesses collaboration, including 1st European office called “Japan Support Desk by DH”


DIGITAL HEARTS Co., Ltd. (HQ: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Toshiya Tsukushi, hereinafter referred to as "DIGITAL HEARTS"), announced that it has entered into a strategic business alliance with Localsoft, S.L. (hereinafter referred to as "Localsoft") a game localization company based in Spain, to strengthen European localization services for Japanese companies and enhance sales activities with European game companies.

With our corporate mission to "save the digital world", we support the games and entertainment industry as a global quality partner of game productions in Japan as well as abroad by providing localization, translation, LQA, customer support, and marketing services.

With the expansion of game and entertainment contents abroad in recent years, we have positioned global services to support cross-border projects such as translation / LQA and marketing support as a growth driver. In order to accelerate the growth of global services and strengthen the support system for overseas expansion of Japanese game productions, we recently concluded a strategic alliance agreement with Localsoft which has developed game localization businesses in Europe for over 35 years.

Localsoft is a game localization company based in Spain. More than 5,000 translation specialists provide support for translation and LQA services in European languages as well as Arabic and Russian.

This alliance allows us to work with Localsoft’s localization resources, which are well experienced in the game industry, to rapidly provide European languages, including EFIGS as well as Arabic and Russian.

Furthermore, through our established 1st European office called "Japan Support Desk by DH" at Localsoft’s facility, we will strengthen our support for Asian game companies in Japan, China, and South Korea entering the European market.

With approx. 8,000 game testers in DIGITAL HEARTS and our strict translation quality level test, Localsoft will be able to provide additional high-quality Japanese translation and LQA services to European game companies, as well as debugging, customer support, marketing and additional services for their expansion into Japan and other Asian markets.

DIGITAL HEARTS aims to contribute to the game and entertainment industries by providing global services and supporting Japanese games for the European market and European games for the Japanese and Asian markets with our newly established “Japan Support Desk by DH”.

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DIGITAL HEARTS provides a wide range of services as a global quality partner, under the corporate mission of "SAVE the DIGITAL WORLD." It delivers "assured quality" through the services including game debugging, localization service, and marketing support, and it contributes the development of the game and entertainment industry.

【About Localsoft】

Localsoft, S.L. is a world-class localization service provider with 35 years of experience in the video game localization industry. With more than 3000 game titles localized and state-of-the-art testing facilities, we offer localization services for the games industry including translation, audio and testing.